Born in 1978 in Puglia, after his studies in Marketing andCommunication, he works in Rome and Bologna as Art Director and Creative Director in Communication Agencies and then moved to Milan where, to date, he works as free lance Creative Director and Communication Consultant.
Since 2007, photography has taken more and more space in his search for expression, shared through exhibitions and shows from Milan to Rome.
Through the distractions superimposed on the feminine boundaries, it pursues the aim of bringing attention back to the personality, distinguishing it from aesthetics: a world full of fascinating colors and not in need of the mere manifestation of ultra-described silhouettes.

The feminine universe is told with an anti-aesthetic metric, far from the mere bipolar qualification “Like/Dislike”.

This narration, made up by pentagrams of stretched eyelashes, has the intention to allow the observer to question and interpret.

No longer just following social media imposed semaphoric directions (forward = like, and stop = dislike).

The goal is to propose alterations of human understanding focused no longer on “attraction” (main focus of photographic denotation) but on “distraction”
(a new interest relocation tool).

The universal feminine lines, recognized and defined, assemble themselves back into dyscrasic rules which assume micro-silences of understanding and free interpretation. These readings induced by the project restore the possibility to create and recreate universes through interpretation to the human beings, without being reorganized into new slaves who have the possibility to say only yes/no (the binary principle on artificial intelligence surrogates move).